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IUM has an extensive range of personal and commercial insurance products and services, from cover for individuals all the way to multinational corporations. Our experience has proved that one glove does not fit all, which is why we therefore customise our insurance solutions even further to cater for your client’s operational exposure and needs.

IUM delivers innovative insurance solutions and outstanding services that result in tangible benefits to clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders. At the same time we ensure a continuing commitment to good corporate governance by upholding the highest values.

Tailor-made insurance solutions


We work with one of South Africa’s biggest and most trusted commercial insurance providers to help business owners find competitive and effective insurance

Specialised Commercial

IUM Helps your clients harvest the benefits of growing their business, come rain or shine


We provide cover for all your recreational activities and their equipment, ensuring that you can enjoy your leisure time without fear

Heavy Commercial Vehicles

We offer various specialised insurance solutions to meet the trucking industry’s specific demands


IUM is able to offer tailor-made products for self-insurance for the larger motor fleets in Southern Africa

Motor Value added products

Our Motor Value Added Products will make that extra difference that your clients are looking for by giving them added peace of mind

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How to claim

Find out how easy it to submit a claim to IUM by selecting the product you wish to claim on

Broker Zone

Brokers can register and manage their online profile

Seeing Machines

DSS provides commercial fleet operators with a proven, objective way to detect and prevent driver fatigue & distraction events in real-time.


The smooth and efficient handling of claims is what strengthens the relationship between broker and client. We guarantee quick turnaround times on all claims and keep relationships rock-solid.

  • We have a national service provider foot print
  • We settle our own claims regardless of the quantum
  • We commit to immediate registration of claims and appointment of assessors
  • Same day settlement on claims such as laptops, cell phones, tablets etc. which could affect the running of your clients' business
  • Third party claims and recoveries are handled by our in-house legal department