3 August 2017
IUM Call Center
Good day Valued Broker,

We would like to take this opportunity to formally inform you of IUM’s new call centre solution as of 1 July 2017.

Take note that IUM made the decision to outsource our internal call centre to a recognised exclusive service provider in order to offer you, as well as the policyholder, with a more comprehensive and structured claims experience.

The benefit of outsourcing this claims function is this service is now completely centralised which allows IUM to manage all clients via a distinct and single point of contact. Furthermore; the service provider also provides IUM with a wide range of valuable statistics and reports on a regular basis in order for us to manage (and improve) your claims more efficiently.

For our mutual client’s convenience, we confirm that our emergency contact numbers remain unchanged during the transition period.

We also confirm that we are doing our utmost to ensure that this transition process is as seamless as possible to you and the policyholder.

Should you have any queries or concerns about this new solution, please direct your questions directly to your portfolio manager or click the link below to email IUM directly:
Click here
Kind regards,
Insurance Underwriting Managers.