5 September 2017
Good day Valued Broker,

We hereby would like to notify you, our broker, that IUM Management has elected to outsource all of its legal recovery - and third party approach claims to external specialised law firms as of 1 September 2017.

Rest assured that all firms utilised in this regard are reputable firms who have been specialising in insurance law for many years. We truly believe that their skilled expertise will most definitely be beneficial to all stakeholders involved in claims of this nature.

Please take note that all new third party claims and/or correspondences may be forwarded to newliabilities@ium.co.za. The claim will then be allocated to an attorney firm to attend to same on IUM’s behalf.

Once allocated, the appointed representative will notify you with their necessary contact details for future feedback and / or correspondences.

From a claims recoveries perspective, the appointed representative within the law firm will notify you once a recovery has commenced and communicate directly with your office regarding any essential outstanding documentation and/or information to successfully finalise such a recovery against a third party.

We would also like to remind you once again that all claims excesses will be refunded to the clients on successful recoveries in the apportionment (%) of the settlement once finalised.

Should you have any queries in this regard, please feel free to correspond directly with Wihan du Preez (IUM Legal Manager) - wihan@ium.co.za.

Kind regards,
Insurance Underwriting Managers.