21 February 2018
IUM partners with LiveLogik video streaming service
It is with great excitement that IUM announces an exclusive partnership with LiveLogik. LiveLogik has been successfully implemented in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Italy, and now for the first time in South Africa.
Visual communication transcends all communication barriers. In business it is becoming essential as a method of interaction that enhances the quality of customer service, experience and interaction. LiveLogik achieves precisely that - improved levels of customer service by increasing the quality of human-to-human interaction.
LiveLogik is a digital video and real-time collaboration platform which allows IUM to assist clients to drastically decrease the inconvenience of dealing with a claim. In essence, the application allows IUM to connect with the client via their smartphone and digitally capture and assess the loss via a live video stream. Providing an improved claims experience for customers by taking control of claim cycle times, collecting all critical loss information at first customer contact and eliminating unnecessary costs due to claim bottlenecks.
Please click on the videos below the see how LiveLogik works
Motor Claims
Property Claims
IUM has already implemented Livelogik in dealing with third party motor claims assessments and will now be extending the service to include motor first party and property loss claims.
Should you have any queries in this regard, please feel free to contact us directly.


Nico Knop
Chief Claims Officer
010 045 3342

071 611 3962