9 November 2017
Good day Valued Broker

All IUM product proposal forms have been updated to “interactive” PDFs with electronically editable fields. Please ensure that all new policies are accompanied by their corresponding proposal form.

The above process will become requisite from 1 December 2017.

Our proposal forms require the following information when being completed:
  • The Insured’s personal details
  • Claims experience
  • Insurance declaration
  • Debit order authority
Below is a short guideline on how to best use these Interactive forms:

When initially opening these documents using the hyperlinks provided in our previous communication, or alternatively accessing the forms through our website, the forms will open up in your default web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox , Edge, etc.) Note: Please do not use your browser to fill in the Form as none of the information will be saved. but rather follow the steps outlined below.

Note: In order to edit the fields in the .PDF you will need at least Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be obtained free from the Adobe website: Download Adobe Reader
Step 1
When the document opens up, download the document from your “default web browser” to a location on your local hard drive.
Step 2
Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and from within the application open the file you have saved on your hard drive.
Step 3
Fill in the necessary information in the interactive .PDF
Step 4
Either digitally sign and save the document or Print it out and sign the document.
Step 5
Email the document to the relevant department 
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Insurance Underwriting Managers