The cornerstone of any relationship is, ‘trust’. To establish trust you have to understand and fulfil a partner’s needs. At IUM we make it our business to understand the risks associated with that of your clients’ business and to partner with you to compile a custom-made insurance solution for them. Helping you to secure your clients’ trust is what motivates us at IUM and is without a doubt the most important ingredient at the core of our unique culture.

So, whether your clients’ business is small, medium, large-scale, industrial or multi-national; we can offer them tailor-made insurance solutions to serve their requirements best, it doesn’t matter what industry they are in. The combination of our advanced insurance solutions and the many years of experience we have accumulated place us in the unique position to identify certain risk factors that might pertain to a clients’ undertakings. We can therefore provide risk management solutions for all business sectors including commercial.

Together we can advise your clients on how to structure the right cover to ensure their livelihood is always protected.

We can help you by offering them the following:


A niche product from IUM that provides clients with a unique cover option that allows them to have all their eggs in one basket – safe and secure. Our Assets Policy is especially advantageous to multi-national corporations or businesses where we provide them with one sophisticated product that shields ALL of their interests. Low-admin and competitive premiums makes this policy a must for anyone who aims to keep a fluent and seamless business operation.

Broad form liability

Body corporates and operators in the sectional title industry find the cover and benefits associated with our Broad Form Liability policy to be the exact answer to their particular insurance requirements and needs. Besides a 24-hour claims call centre to provide immediate, interactive assistance, we also offer them many additional features and cover, too.

Commercial Business Insurance

Under IUM we have designed our Commercial Business Insurance policy to not only offer clients the necessary desired benefits, but also to provide them with a quality comprehensive cover product that’s suitable for businesses of all sizes. And, true to IUM form, all our policies are created to be flexible so we can cater for any client’s needs.


The IUM Engineering Policy is unique in that it offers protection for both Plant All Risk and Contractors All Risk. Plant All Risk will cover any loss or damage to a construction plant, including any equipment whatever the cause: while the plant is stored, in transit between or on the contract site, demonstrations or being used as a tool of trade. Clients have the option to ensure Plant all risks on Market Value, New Replacement value or Agreed value. Contractors All Risk will provide cover and guaranteed peace of mind for the specific contractor building / working on a particular site.


Our Marine Policy offers clients a product range as wide as the Pacific Ocean. For Goods-in-Transit, whether it’s air, land, rail or sea – from wherever cargo originates, until delivered anywhere in the world, we’ve got them covered. We also cover Marine Hull and Liabilities.


When your business’s income is directly related to you being mobile or not, as a forward-thinking, forward-moving company, IUM can offer your clients an advanced insurance solution that will get them moving forward again, in no time.

We offer clients a product that is not only competitive, but one that holds the door open for as long as necessary to get them back on track, and guaranteed to provide them with a smooth ride. After all, why should you have to drive things when they can be driven by us? Together we can deliver them with an exceptional service offering to keep the wheels of their business turning at all times. Speak to one of our Commercial Underwriters today.

Passenger liabilities

Transporting passengers can pose unique risks: from being distracted by someone speaking loudly on their phone, a passenger suddenly yelling or simply passengers speaking loudly simultaneously. Any of these scenarios can make it extremely difficult for a driver to concentrate on the road. Of course there’s also the annoying backseat driver who often sits in the front.

IUM has been driving the development of a policy that will take away the worries and concerns drivers might have about passenger liabilities, one designed to keep them in the driver’s seat.

Since the amendment of the RAF act, we now include in all passenger liability policies, Personal Accident, to accommodate for any shortfalls in the Road Accident Fund. Cover also extends to include, contingency liability, emotional pain and suffering and 100% cover for cross border transits. This cover is provided should the road accident fund not be in a position to pay.

  • Passenger liability is available to road transport
  • The policy is a standalone policy.
  • Limits are ground up to R200 million.

Specialised liabilities

Whether it’s commercial, financial or management liabilities, it’s risky business if you don’t have the right cover. To eliminate that risk, we can provide your clients with solutions that is tried and tested and guaranteed to protect their most vulnerable commerce areas against any liabilities, worldwide.

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