At IUM we understand the desire to live a life that’s driven by passion and adventure and we value the reward that comes with living this freely, but there’s also risk. To keep your clients enjoying the freedom of the life they’ve created for themselves, we’ve specifically designed insurance solutions that can look after the leisure side of their lifestyle.

Change is a constant in life that catches many us off-guard. When change happens it’s important to know that it’s not the only constant, but that the cover and protection we provide your clients with is every bit as faithful.

We’ve planned ahead so when faced with a life-altering event, your clients will know they can make a smooth transition, maintain the pleasure of the life they’ve worked for – while making whatever changes they’re required to do.

We have tailor-made product offerings for these leisure products:

  • Motorcycles
  • Motor-homes and caravans
  • Leisure goods – all risk
  • Watercraft

Target market
  1. Cruisers
  2. Dual-purpose bikes
  3. Scooters
  4. Sidecars
  5. Superbikes
  6. Trail and enduro bikes
  7. Trikes
  8. Bass boats
  9. Catamarans
  10. House boats
  11. Inflatables
  12. Jet skis
  13. Yachts
  14. Ski-boats
  15. Wakeboard boats

Key benefits
  1. Competitive rates
  2. Stand-alone policy
  3. Track day cover
  4. In-transit cover
  5. Motorcycles can be insured for agreed value
  6. Automatic cover for cross border