24 Hour Enduro Race

The Enduro Race at Red Star Raceway, was filled with loads of excitement as we witnessed another success story for IUM. The race started at 12pm on Saturday and promised to be exhilarating, and with a track covered in oil during the night ride, it definitely delivered. There were stalls with people selling all sorts of bike enthusiast gear, some home-made delicacies. IUM provided a local DJ as well as great food to keep Team IUM well nourished, however the main action was on the track, and it was there that Team IUM once again showed what it’s made of.

There was some stiff competition with two of the teams having professional racers. Of course being the special bunch that our racers are, they opted for respecters of character not persons, and in this department our team won hands down. The race was divided into 30 min racing sections and to add to the drama, into four mandatory race times. Group A was unlimited, where the aim was to ride as fast as you could. Group B was governed to not faster than 2min: 5seconds, Group C not faster than 2:10, and Group D not faster than 2:20; with a penalty of 1 lap given to those not playing by the rules. To concede only 4 laps over a 24 hour period is not only testament to the skill of our riders, but their determination, focus and discipline.

Although we didn’t win, we placed a well-deserved 3rd. From everyone at IUM, we want to congratulate Antonio, Greg, George, Jason, Keagan and Robin for riding with distinction and flying IUM’s flag high. We are extremely proud of you guys and look forward to seeing you ‘turn and burn’ the completion next year.