02 June 2015

IUM on BusinessDay TV

‘You and Your Money’ with Bryan Hirsch. South Africa's favourite personal financial planner is also a broadcast personality well known to SAFM listeners. Bryan Hirsch, director of Bryan Hirsch Colley & Associates, is now bringing his expertise to Business Day TV, in an exciting series, ‘You and Your Money’.

In this episode of You and Your Money, Bryan and his guest, Antonio Iozzo, talk about the latest technological developments in the trucking and haulage industry. As CEO and founder of Insurance Underwriting Managers, Antonio with his entrepreneurial flair, had a telematics product, ‘Seeing Machines’, developed. This product is not only the first of its kind worldwide, but also on South African roads.

Although technologically advanced, the concept behind Seeing Machines is simple: Stop the accident before it happens. Listen here to Antonio as he explains this revolutionary new system for detecting driver fatigue.

Fleet Health

Fleet Health is a pro-active initiative, provided free of charge to IUM’s clients, designed to assess the ‘health’ of all operational vehicles in a client’s fleet.

Seeing Machines

DSS provides commercial fleet operators with a proven, objective way to detect and prevent driver fatigue & distraction events in real-time.