Level 1 B-BBEE Rating for Guardrisk and other MMI companies

4 February 2019

The Guardrisk business is included in the rating of its parent company, MMI Holdings Limited, which has just become the first major insurance group to reach Level1 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) status under the revised Fincancial Sector Code (FSC).

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IUM partners with Livelogik

14 February 2018

LiveLogik is a digital video and real-time collaboration platform which allows IUM to assist clients to drastically decrease the inconvenience of dealing with a claim.

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IUM partners with Volvo Cars

1 February 2017

Volvo Cars and Insurance Underwriting Managers (IUM) have partnered to create a new insurance scheme for Volvo Cars

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BMW Team Introduction

22 March 2016

As you know, IUM will be taking over the administration of BMW FS’s motor and household insurance from the 1st April.

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IUM partners with BMW

14 October 2015

BMW Financial Services (BMW FS) and Insurance Underwriting Managers (IUM) to create a powerhouse amalgamation to provide comprehensive coverage

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IUM on BuisnessDay TV

02 June 2015

In this episode of You and Your Money, Bryan and his guest, Antonio Iozzo, talk about the latest technological developments in the trucking and haulage industry.

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Entrepreneur Magazine - Featuring Antonio Iozzo

01 October 2014

WHEN ANTONIO IOZZO was ten years old his father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and stopped working three years later. From the age of 15 Antonio worked as a pizza man at a local restaurant to help support his family. He was always willing to work hard and had entrepreneurial DNA. That grit has certainly paid off.

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Antonio Iozzo Business Person of the Year

21 November 2013

Bedfordview businessman and Mountain View resident, Mr Antonio Iozzo, was the recipient of the coveted award at the Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries FNB Business Excellence Awards held in November.

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