What it is

Fleet Health is a pro-active initiative, provided free of charge to IUM’s clients, designed to assess the ‘health’ of all operational vehicles in a client’s fleet. The aim is to identify any mechanical or other problems that might compromise a vehicle from complying with the necessary roadworthy standards.

The Fleet Health initiative will in no manner or form be to the detriment of the insured, their operations and / or their policy with IUM. The intention is not to find fault, but to identify areas of concern so they can be addressed, rectified and eradicated. A positive Fleet Health profile will ensure that the insured is compliant with the law, their policy terms and therefore considered “Claims Ready”.

Who it’s for

Fleet Health was specifically designed for our clients in the haulage or transport industry.

Why it’s needed

The image of the Transport & Logistics industry in South Africa has suffered negatively over many years. The current perception is that there is a complete lack and disregard for rules, regulations and any other requirements as stipulated in the National Road Traffic Act, especially with regards to the following:

  • The ‘mechanical health’ of vehicles and trailers
  • Tyre maintenance
  • Drivers; their training, experience and possessing valid accreditation
  • Overloading
  • Following the necessary road and safety precautions

Fleet Health was established to provide clients with a much needed tool to help transform the bad reputation of the industry, since it’s unnecessary and completely avoidable.

If you are a fleet owner or operator in the haulage and transport industry, Fleet Health will help create a positive Fleet Health profile for you; one that is compliant with the law and in-line with the terms of your policy to ensure you are always ”Claims Ready”.

How to claim

Find out how easy it to submit a claim to IUM by selecting the product you wish to claim on

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