If your clients’ business is more niche or specialised, it is vital they remain in a favourable position to execute their duties and deliver any services or products timeously. At IUM we understand the need for insurance products that are more specialised for businesses that operate within this particular arena. We can provide them with advice and insurance solutions that are specifically designed to match what your clients want or need so they can stay on top of their game.

So, whether your clients’ business is small, medium, large-scale, industrial or multi-national; we can offer them custom-made insurance solutions to serve their requirements best, it doesn’t matter what industry they are in. The combination of our advanced insurance solutions and the many years of experience we have accumulated also place us in the unique position to identify certain risk factors that might pertain to a client’s undertakings. Together we can advise them on how to structure the right cover to ensure that their livelihood is always protected.

Not only can we offer your clients a wide range of specialised insurance products, but we can also supply you with expert advice to help tailor their policies, making it absolutely perfect for their specific, individual needs.

We can also advise you on any number of technical issues you might need more information on; from risk appraisals to loss prevention and also any maintenance matters – at IUM we are able to provide you with an elegant turnkey insurance solution.

We provide cover for the following specialised industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Commercial umbrella liability
  • Contractors’ plant all risk
  • Filling stations
  • Guesthouses and lodges
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Motor traders
  • Property owners combined
  • Religious and charity organisations
  • Schools
  • Sectional title
  • Assets all-risk
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